COOSEON® EMS Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device for Face and Neck

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COOSEON® EMS Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device for Face and Neck

Electric Muscle Stimulation uses pain-free micro-currents to expand and contract muscles in a targeted area. This process lifts and sculpts the face with face-lift-style results. This therapy also works to activate cells beneath the skin which can create incredible and long-lasting results for many different skin types.

It can improve your facial contours, minimising fine lines and wrinkles and resulting in smooth and even skin-tone, EMS works towards ultimate radiance from the inside out.

This EMS Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device by COOSEON is suitable for use on the face and on the skin of our necks. It effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lifts the skin on the face and neck. The red, green and blue light colour photonic pulses improve the skin in all directions, and 42 degrees are added to the massage to improve blood circulation and stimulate collagen regeneration.


  • A triple action beauty device for the face and neck that produces anti-ageing benefits, helping to restore and beautify the skin on the face and neck for a radiant complexion.

  • Based on state-of-the-art LED infrared, heat and vibration technology for optimal results.

  • Assists in combating the visible signs of the ageing process Helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and uneven skin tone

  • Rejuvenates your skin! Enhances skin firmness and elasticity for short and long-term anti-ageing results. The device is also ideal for smoothing and rejuvenating the skin in the neck area as well as the back of the arms (triceps).

How do I use it?

Step1. cleanse your face and neck.

Step 2. Apply an appropriate amount of skincare (not too much) to the neck and face.

Step 3. Select the preferred mode.

Step 4. Starting at the base of the neck, slowly move the massage head upwards towards the chin and jaw and up to the forehead.

Step 5. 10 minutes per day is recommended as part of your daily skincare routine.

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What's Inside The Box?

1x COOSEON® EMS Skin Rejuvenation Device
1x Charging Cable
1x Charging base
1x User Manual

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