COOSEON® RF EMS LED Vibration 4-in-1 Photorejuvenation Treatment Wand

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COOSEON® RF EMS LED Vibration 4-in-1 Photorejuvenation Treatment Wand

Photorejuvenation, sometimes referred to as light facials, is a fast, non-invasive skin treatment that uses high intensity pulses of broadband light to effectively treat skin discolouration and photo-ageing at the cellular level.

COOSEON's new 4-in-1 multi-functional Photorejuvenation Wand features radiofrequency treatment, microelectronic treatment, vibration treatment, and LED light therapy treatment. The powerful four treatment modes give you the most comprehensive care for your skin, helping to enhance its overall condition.


  • RF Treatment
    This treatment uses rapid alternating current to induce collagen fibre contraction and new collagen fibre deposits, increasing skin elasticity and lifting and firming the skin.

  • EMS Microcurrent Treatment
    The micro-current stimulates muscle movement and blood circulation to achieve daily dehydration, lifting and firming of the skin, wrinkle reduction and anti-ageing.

  • VR Vibration Treatment
    Deeply removes pimples, blackheads and cosmetic residues, promotes the discharge of oil secretion, places pimples, black oil and skin blemishes.

  • LED Light Therapy Peel
    5 light therapy modes to effectively improve skin problems, anti-inflammatory sterilisation, acne removal, lymphatic drainage and oedema elimination.

  • Improves enlarged pores, acne pits and marks, moisturises the skin and brightens the complexion.


Steps to use

1.Cleanse the treatment area before using this product.

2. When using this product, apply a skin care lotion to the treatment area.

3. Touch the product lightly to the skin and massage over the treatment area (it is recommended that the massage does not take longer than ten minutes).

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What's Inside The Box?

1x 4-in-1 Photorejuvenation Treatment Wand
1x Charging Cable
1x Charging base
1x User Manual

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