COOSEON® Cute Ice Roller For Face - Pink

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The Best Ice Globes and Cryotherapy Tools for a Cooling, At-Home Facial

This Cute Ice Roller & Face Massager is easy to use, the build is sturdy, the ABS handle feels natural to hold and doesn’t get cold, and the stainless steel egg-shaped roller stays super cold for at least an hour. Keep this cute roller in the freezer so it’s ready to use anytime.

Use it after your skincare routine and before your makeup. It helps with serum absorption as your fine lines look less noticeable rolling after using a serum. The handle is ergonomic, which makes it easy to get into contours or anywhere on your face/body. It glides smoothly with no tugging on skins.

This roller results in more benefits than others. Credited to the stainless steel barrel custom engineered to stay colder longer and is so easy and natural to use.

Using the ice roller helps relax your facial muscles and decrease inflammation. And makes broken capillaries on the face look less noticeable.

The idea of an icy cold roller doesn’t always appeal, but the cold isn’t jarring and instead feels relaxing.


  • An ergonomic handle makes it easier than ever to soothe those hard-to-reach spots
  • Stainless steel barrel custom engineered to stay colder longer
  • The egg-shaped rolling barrel provides cooling reflexology and lymphatic drainage massage
  • More effective than a jade roller or gua sha massage for contouring facial features.

How To Use:
Just pop this soothing skin massager in the freezer and when you need roll it over irritated, puffy skin to gently cool, calm, and refresh. Stop for a few minutes if the skin becomes numb, then continue rolling. When you finish use wipe down with a cloth. Then place in freezer for next use.

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