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Do Teens Need Skincare?

The love of beauty is in everyone's heart. The pursuit of beauty is everyone's right, and it will never change because of your age or gender.

For young boys and girls in their adolescence, they may often hear adults say to them: "You should not care too much about your appearance, you should pay more attention to your studies, and so on, now is the performance of your youth." Adults say such things easily but inadvertently hurt them.

So Should Teens Take Care Of Their Skin?

I want to talk about my own personal experience before I discuss this issue specifically. In fact, many of my friends around me don't know that I had a long period of low self-esteem during my adolescence. I didn't have low self-esteem because of my studies.

Instead, I just listened to the adults and studied hard. In fact, my academic performance was very good at that time. But that didn't earn me a single ounce of confidence or happiness. Looking back on it now, it was the darkest time of my life. Yes, I spent most of my adolescence with low self-esteem under the lie that adults told me that I shouldn't care about my appearance. Just like any other teenage girl, I was going through amazing physical and mental changes, but unlike other girls, my skin condition became particularly bad (and I don't mean that I was the only one with skin problems during puberty).

My skin started to break out in pimples and acne, the pores on my cheeks became extra large, and I developed a disgustingly dense collection of blackheads on my nose. At first, I didn't care, but when I noticed one day that they started to change from scattered spots to big acne patches, I started to panic, and I asked my grown-ups about it, and yes, it turned out to be just like I said before, I chose not to bother with my skin problems. I began to be reluctant to look in the mirror. I began to be reluctant to go to crowded places. I used to walk with my head down. I was filled with low self-esteem, became introverted and reluctant to communicate with my friends, and thought I was the ugliest person in the world (I'm not exaggerating at all).

I had such unpleasant adolescence, so now, when it comes to this topic, the answer is definitely 100% needed, and it's time to get rid of the lies of adults.

Young boys and girls in their teenage years should learn to take care of their skin, and we should never let age be a stumbling block in our quest for beauty.

The teenage years are a time when girls and boys have a lot to worry about. They are in a developmental stage where they go through a range of feelings and emotions. Their bodies are going through many natural and hormonal changes, which can lead to acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and facial hair on the skin. During the hormonal outbreak of adolescence, teenagers should instead pay more attention to their skin management. COOSEON® hopes that all the teenage boys and girls who see us will love their skin and that they will know from this article some of the things to look out for during this time of Skincare knowledge.

The first thing we need to understand is what makes teenagers' skin worse.

--The answer is hormones. When we enter puberty, our body starts to explode with various hormones that create the characteristics of boys and girls, but at the same time, the higher levels of hormones also tend to lead to endocrine disorders, which, together with the stressful effects of life or studies, manifest themselves in a variety of skin problems.

When Does A Teenager Need To Start A Skincare Routine?

This is very individualized for teenagers. Because each person entering puberty exhibits different and unstable hormone levels, it's best to understand that we must start developing a skincare awareness when problems arise. As hormones and life begin to bring changes to the skin, teens can hone in more carefully on different habits.

How Many Times A Day Should Teens Perform A Skincare Routine?

This, too, is very subjective. A healthy habit is to wash 1-2 times a day, depending on the condition of your teen's skin. It is also important for teenage girls at this stage to have a twice-daily step of hydrating their skin with a toner/salicylic acid and a moisturizer (or face oil).

What steps should be included in a skincare routine during this period?

For teens, it is best to start with something simple and doable. Usually, using a gentle cleanser is key when bathing at night. Sometimes, the steps alone at the sink are just too much! And immediately after cleansing, hydrating with a moisturizer is another key.  

What is essential in the teenage skin care chain?

Cleansing! Especially if exercise is a part of teenagers' lives. 

What are the key things to look for in a facial cleanser?

Please make sure they are gentle. An oil-based cleanser is best because it regulates oil production. Jojoba oil is also good as it can be used to improve blackheads by using oil to dissolve oil slowly.

When it comes to acne-prone skin in adolescence, what are the things to watch out for?

For teenage skin, breakouts are almost inevitable. Teens are often reluctant to moisturize (most often seen in boys), which ends up with angry, red, and inflamed skin. To avoid worsening skin conditions to nourish and support the skin, moisturizing is what urgently needs attention.

You can't be sick and tired of facing your skin problems.

I see a lot of teenagers like to buy a bunch of messy skin care products on Instagram or TikTok. Then they use 6+ products a day on their face, expecting some miracle to happen. When in fact, this robs the skin of its barrier function and makes the already tired and fragile skin more sensitive. More is just more, not better.

Cleansers and moisturizers are key.  

After completing an exercise, sitting on the bus or in the car, drenched in sweat, it is best to cleanse your skin as soon as possible at this time. After completing an exercise, sitting on the bus or in the car, drenched in sweat, it is best to cleanse your skin as soon as possible at this time. 

This can be counter-intuitive, especially if the teen is breaking out, but providing moisture and hydration to the skin will help regulate the body's sebum. Inflammation is a phenomenon that occurs in teenage skin due to excessive exfoliation and flaking.

If treatment is needed, it is good to use a cleanser containing salicylic acid. Balancing sebum production in teenagers can be a challenge (hormones are real at this age).

Thoughts On Benzoyl Peroxide And Retinol And Topical Treatment With Prescription Drugs?

Teens may not be big fans of benzoyl peroxide just yet. Because it is very harsh, it can make the skin more susceptible to external factors. Bacteria is everywhere, especially on teens' hands, and they tend to touch their faces a lot. Again, I think supporting the barrier function of the skin with moisture is key; its biggest job is to regulate the moisture content of the skin.

Dehydrated, angry skin is common because teens aren't providing it with moisture! In teen facials, I see many blackheads that are common. However, these blackheads are difficult to remove because the skin is tight and dehydrated. Sometimes the use of retinoids can help, but even then, follow-up moisturization is imperative. 

The causes of acne are multifactorial, and it is difficult to determine how or why. It has some connection to both genetics and gut microflora. If teens eat a lot of dairy products or sugar, it will show up on their skin. Scientific studies have shown that too much sugar intake can make the skin worse, along with high-stress levels being a cause of poor skin conditions.

Advice on how to deal with pimples that won't go away.

The right thing to do with pimples is not to squeeze them. Squeezing a pimple will not give good results for the skin. But rather, there is a high chance of bruising or causing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (redness). Using Manuka Honey to treat acne marks is a good option.

What Is The Best Sunscreen For Teenagers?

Applying sunscreen is really a good habit to get into.

Remember: sun damage is cumulative. Teenagers get badly burned at age 14, and this can definitely lead to hyperpigmentation in their 30s and 40s. Teenage boys and girls need sunscreen, and in the face of unstable skin, it's best to choose a mineral or some physical sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens have too many ingredients in them that may irritate the skin and are therefore not recommended for use at this time.

At What Point Should Teens See A Professional For Skin Support?

I think this question was something I was desperate for someone to tell me at the time when I was already in such a bad way that the adults seemed to realize something was wrong before they finally took me to a dermatologist.

At this sensitive stage of life, teenagers should be aware of skincare from the very beginning of the problem, and the start of healthy skin care habits is key. And you can't be fussy. We are looking for healthy skin, not perfect skin. At this age, there is a huge influx of hormones, and breakouts are very normal.

After having the right skin care habits, you do perform carefully, but when there are more skin breakouts, this is the time to go to a professional for a consultation.

In pursuit of beauty, you deserve skin care tools.

Teenage boys and girls who exude unlimited youthful power also have the same right to pursue beauty, and the pursuit of beauty should not be bound by age stage; teenagers can also have an exquisite skincare experience. This is not an unnecessary waste. The instability of adolescent skin should be treated well and soothed. Why can't teenagers have everything their skin needs at this stage like adults? They can also have their own lovely beauty fridge, which is the source of their youthful freshness and confidence! They can have the right skin care products and tools to help them, and their skin deserves to be treated gently! These skincare tools are an important helper for skincare, and with them, teens can become more sophisticated in their skincare process while also getting more effective help for their skin.

Don't get into the bad habit of applying skin care products and cosmetics with your hands

Adolescent boys and girls may be energetic and they like to chase after new things, and there is nothing wrong with that. But touching your face with your hands too much is a different story. I think many people don't realize how dirty their hands are when they don't use a microscope to look at the bacteria on their hands. Especially for teenage girls, who will try to start exploring the makeup journey, it is important for teenage girls not to use their hands directly when applying skin care for the sake of convenience, as this can lead to bacterial skin infections, inflammation, redness and a host of other skin problems. Please be kind to yourself again, when skincare with some exquisite skincare tools such as cute makeup brushes, crystal texture jade wheel massage wand, playful beauty eggs, and scraping board that helps the face to quickly reduce swelling and metabolism. These are the things that young girls who embark on a skincare and beauty journey really need to make themselves more sophisticated, so that their skin gets the safest and most comfortable skincare and makeup experience, and become a more confident self, which is a wonderful thing!

In The End.

At COOSEON, there is a space for teenagers to pursue beauty and see these cute and exquisite skin care tools. You really deserve it. Add them to your skincare routine. They can help you improve your skin problems.