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Keep Your Skincare Cool From This Summer.

Prolong the shelf life of products by decreasing bacterial growth, allowing for deeper penetration of precious ingredients to calming and soothing inflamed skin conditions. Get ready to de-puff and revitalise your skin with the luxurious cooling sensation!

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Do You Actually Need a Skincare Fridge?

"Being in possession of a dedicated skincare fridge is a craze that shows no signs of abating. Creams and serums inarguably feel better than ever post-refrigeration." ---VOGUE

Extended life

Protect and extend the life of your cosmetics.


Inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Perfect Storage

Heating and cooling to store your personal.

What Can You Put In The Cutest Fridge?

Creamy Products

Any creamy skincare products, such as Eye Creams & Gels & Moisturizers & Balms etc...

Organic Skin Products

Any natural skin products, such as Organic Face Masks & Vitamin C Products & Essential Oil etc...

Cold Compress Tool

Cold compresses are great propositions, your GuaSha & Jade Mask & Facial Towels etc...


Put it on your official or bedside table and enjoy it anytime. Not just coke, we recommend juice...

Baby Needs

The utmost care to keep breast milk fresher or warmer. No odors or bacteria from the kitchen fridge...


Biological Agent storage is necessary, Put it in the place closest to you. Why not?

They are all using

Everyone who strives for beauty deserves the right and opportunity to own the best items.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This type of little hot/cold fridge has been around for a long time, but NOT this cute!! This is most women’s dream cosmetic fridge! I can’t imagine I would ever use this for anything hot, but never say never!! Don't forget to remove the protective plastic on the mirror. I would recommend this to anyone!
— Lana Rey, CA
Customer reviews
Love it!
I bought it to store my masks. The size fits my bathroom very well. What is surprising is that there are 2 removable shelfs so I can organize it based on the shape of the things I am going to store. It’s so nice lol.
— Mimi
Customer reviews
What a handy mini make up fridge! It has 3 shelves that are removable so it’s easy to store tall or short make up items or drinks! Easily fits my toner, scrubs and mask bottles as well as coconut water! I really like the mirror on the outside as it’s convenient for applying lotions and make up. Perfect mini fridge for traveling or to keep in the master bedroom suite!
— Beth
Customer reviews
I got this mini fridge since my other one went out, and I'm so happy I did. This fridge is perfect for holding all of my skincare and facial tools that I want to keep cool. I definitely upgraded with this one. The mirror on the door is a nice addition and I love that it has led lighting that can be adjusted. I'm super satisfied with this fridge and would highly recommend it.
— Gina
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COOSEON® Skincare Fridge

COOSEON® offers the best, innovative solutions to everyday beauty problems, and we produce products that provide the finishing touches needed to look and feel flawless every day. The quality of our products is guaranteed through a thorough screening. We have passed strict assessments at every step and our products are all about giving you the products that live up to our reputation.



Kepp Your Beauty Fresher For Longer.