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How to Choose Suitable Cosmetics

How to Choose Suitable Cosmetics
1. Quality of cosmetics

Firstly, the most important thing in choosing cosmetics is to see if the quality is guaranteed. Generally speaking, it is better to choose a well-known factory. Famous cosmetics are better because they have good equipment, high product standards, and guaranteed quality. Famous products are generally trustworthy and safe to use. You cannot buy cosmetics without a manufacturer or product label, and you should also pay attention to whether the product has an inspection certificate and production license to prevent counterfeiting. Also pay attention to the production date of cosmetics. Generally, cream, and honey products should be purchased within one year of leaving the factory.

Secondly, learn to recognize the quality of cosmetics.

① Identification from appearance: Good cosmetics should have bright colors, elegant and soft. If the color is found to be dark, dirty, and of varying shades, it indicates a quality issue. If the appearance is cloudy, oil-water separation, or flocculent substances appear, and the paste shrinks and cracks, it cannot be used.

② From the perspective of odor recognition: The odor of cosmetics may be elegant or strong, but they are all very pure. If there is a pungent odor, it indicates a counterfeit or spoiled product.

2. When choosing cosmetics based on personal and environmental factors, in addition to the quality of the cosmetics, consideration should also be given to the user and environmental factors.

① According to skin type: people with oily skin should use refreshing and clean lotion skin care products; People with dry skin should use nourishing and moisturizing skincare products; People with neutral skin should use mild skincare products.

② Based on age and gender: Children's skin is tender and their sebum secretion is low, so special skincare products for children should be used; Elderly people with atrophic skin, dry and thin, should choose skincare products with ingredients such as oil, moisturizing factors, and vitamin E; Men should choose men's specific skincare products.

③ According to skin color: When choosing lipstick, eye shadow, foundation make-up, nail polish and other cosmetics, they must be in harmony with their own skin color. People with pale skin should choose cosmetics that have sunscreen effects.

④ According to the season: The cosmetics used vary depending on the season. In cold seasons, cosmetics with strong moisturizing and moisturizing properties should be selected, while in summer, lotion or powder cosmetics should be selected.

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