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Do You Really Need A Skincare Fridge? -- What Is It?

Do You Really Need A Skincare Fridge? -- What Is It? - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

There’s a lot of buzz about skincare fridges on the internet lately. What is a skincare fridge? What are the pros and cons of skincare fridges? What is the difference between a skincare fridge and a regular fridge? How do I choose a good skincare fridge?

All are nice questions, let's chat one by one of them. Hope this press will help you will.

What is a Skincare Beauty Fridge? What is the difference between skincare fridges and standard fridges?

A skincare fridge is a mini, countertop-sized refrigerator designed to store makeup and skincare products.  It's designed for people who want to store and refrigerate products safely, such as cooling eye creams to make them more effective.

Skincare fridges can help your skin stay clear by keeping your makeup and serums fresh and free of bacteria. These fridges are also great for cooling your face masks, eye masks, moisturizers, and treatments, which can help you achieve a better complexion by increasing blood circulation to the area. And a skincare fridge can help you de-puff your face by storing your jade roller or gua sha stone in the fridge overnight so it's nice and cold when you use it in the morning.

In addition, many skincare fridges also come with a warmer setting, so you can warm up your hair oil treatments, masks, and other warmer products.

Unlike standard fridges in the kitchen, beauty refrigerators are not as cold and have a more even temperature inside. In contrast, regular refrigerators have different zones. Storing your products in cooler areas may cause them to freeze or condense. Plus, they'll have to compete for space with your treats!

How to use a skincare fridge?

Most skincare refrigerators are designed using a compressor and a cooling or heating system. For example, with a 4L mini skincare fridge from COOSEON®, you only need to connect it to a 100-120V household power supply or 12V car power supply.

Anyway, it is easy to use, just plugin and put the things you want.

BTW, I had tried the heating foundation of the COOSEON 4L skincare fridge, and I put something inside, such as breast milk, bread, a small towel, or food. It must be saying, I love it! and I think I will buy one more, one for heating and once for cooling.

Benefits of the Beauty Skincare Fridge

Keeping the skincare products at the optimal temperature will help them stay fresher, longer. Most fridges have a temperature range from 35°F to 45°F, which is ideal for storing skincare products. This is because they are less likely to degrade when they are kept cool.It can:

  • Reduce the risk of bacteria growth

  • Prolongs your product’s effectiveness

  • Chilled skincare products reduce puffiness

  • Temporarily help calm redness & inflammation

  • Protects your products from harsh temperatures

  • Aids with firmer & tighter appearance of the skin

And you can store more than just skincare.

The fridge’s temperature is also ideal for keeping foods and beverages fresh, especially produce and dairy like butter, cheese and yogurt. Some fridges even have compartments for bottles of wine or cans of soda or beer so you can keep your favorite drinks cold and on hand. (Never mix cheese or bread with makeup/skin care products. This is a personal suggestion, and you will thank me!)

But while a skincare fridge may sound like a great idea, it's not perfect for everyone. The coolness of the appliance can actually harm some products, rather than boosting their performance. Plus, it can take up serious counter space if you don't have room for a second refrigerator in your bathroom or bedroom. Before you buy one, consider these pros and cons of using a skincare fridge.

Do you really need a skincare fridge?

About whether we need a skincare refrigerator. We must know the usage scenarios of the skincare refrigerator and what we can store in the skincare refrigerator!

Hygienic and safe product storage

If you're a professional makeup artist or beauty blogger, you know the importance of keeping your products safe and clean. The Mini Skincare Fridge isn't just a cute Instagram accessory: it's an investment in your craft. By giving skincare products a dedicated space, you can ensure that they last longer and are more effective for yourself and your clients.

Ideal for travel

Skincare Fridges are often travel-friendly so you can protect your products on the way to the studio or to a client's home. Balms, pencils, and moisturizers quickly melt or deteriorate when exposed to light and heat. With a mini skincare fridge, you can plug the cooler into your car's power adapter and keep products cold while traveling.

Professional and attractive presentation

All beauty bloggers need to demonstrate meticulous craftsmanship. It doesn't look very professional if you remove makeup and skincare products from messy, dirty bins, or if the products and their containers are soiled or melted. A beauty fridge is not only a dedicated storage solution for your cosmetics, it is also an attractive place to collect your precious products. Your clients and viewers will love seeing it!

What Can We Store In The Skincare Fridges Or DO NOT Put In?

Almost any liquid or gel-based product can be kept in a cosmetic cooler. Avoid storing oil-based products in the mini beauty refrigerator as they can curdle or thicken (which is not pleasant). You should also keep any powdered makeup or makeup with a high wax content (such as lipstick, certain foundations, or concealers) in a dry place at room temperature.

What to Keep in Your Mini Skincare Fridge?

- moisturizer

- eye cream

- Toner

- a facial mist such as rose water

- Serum

- Sheet mask

- Any pencil (eyeliner, lip liner, eyebrow pencil)

- Jade Roller

- Facial hockey

- Nail Polish - Cooling your nail polish will help keep it from peeling!

- balsamic (as long as they are not oil-based)

- Any organic or DIY product

What to DO NOT Put In Your Mini Skincare Fridge?

- lipstick

- Oil-based products (primer, face or hair oil)

- Foundation or concealer stick

- SPF sunscreen

- Any pressed powder (eg eyeshadow palette, setting powder)

Ready to Get Your Own Skincare Fridge?

Now, do you know how to choose a skincare fridge? First, you should determine if you need a skincare fridge and store your beauty supplies, skincare products, or even drinks and snacks. Some nursing mothers are also very suitable for this mini fridge. Baby needs, whether kept warm or refrigerated, are great options.

Thank you very much for reading this. If you can't wait to get your own fridge, COOSEON® will be a good choice. With free shipping within the U.S. and local delivery, you can use your own skincare fridge in 3-7 days. Click To Store.

-------------Skincare fridges are available to all types of people.

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