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Your Perfect Body Is Not A Trend; It's Just A Lifestyle!

Your Perfect Body Is Not A Trend; It's Just A Lifestyle! - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®
In today's social media world, our consumers thrive on what's new, what's hot and what's trending. So for those who use social media, it's easy to immerse yourself in skincare, makeup and body care routine videos. But is this really what we should be going for? Join COOSEON Beauty Fridge today to find out!
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It can be tiresome to see all these TikTok videos or these extensive skincare routines on Instagram Reels catering to creators, sometimes sponsored by creators to meet specific people's skin needs. The influence of the beauty world is huge; it's no secret. However, sometimes the line between realism and fantasy is blurred.
As consumers, there are a few questions we need to ask ourselves before purchasing a product, product line or collection. First, will this be beneficial to my daily life? Do I have the space for it now? Do I see a real demand for this product? Among other things, is the price tag of the product worth it to me?
If your answers to most of these questions tend to be negative, then you should research which products would be beneficial to you. See which aspects of the product caught your attention and look for other products in the industry. The industry is huge, with millions of products from hundreds of thousands of brands in every category. I promise you; that you will find a product that fits your needs perfectly. It's all about understanding what you want from a product and finding a brand and specific item to provide you with the light you crave.
The world of influencers is daunting. Everyone has an influencer or content creator they relate to on a personal level. Whether they prefer their video or content style, fashion sense or makeup to always look flawless, whatever it is, I hear you; I am you, and I respect those who have an authentic platform and want to share their lives and views on beauty with the world. I admire the work that these content creators do, but I also believe that some people see their platforms as businesses and produce content based on their demographics (as they should).
I can not tell you how many times I've seen influential TikTok videos, or sometimes regular TikTok users, skincare drawers. I was shocked at how many products they had, whether they sent them as PR or went out and bought each product themselves. These people show how many products they own, and it blows my mind. I think these videos may damage the viewers' egos. The idea that all these serums and gels are going to make you look like Kim K is unrealistic. Now this obsession with the "clean girl" look may not be for you. I mean, find yourself in beauty and make your own rules; you don't need to install moulds.
It can be damaging for someone new to beauty or skincare to look at all these products and think, "Wow, do I need these?" The answer is no. The answer is you need to find what works for you and take people's opinions as they are - their opinions. Form your own; it's okay to do that, to feel like a product that not a lot of other people are talking about, and that's okay. I think that needs to be said more.
I'll leave that to you; everyone is different from the next one. You are a unique person with different tastes, likes and dislikes, and just because everyone raves about Rare Beauty Blush or Charlotte Tillbury's Flawless Filter doesn't mean it's right for you. Your health is out there waiting!
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Beauty shouldn't be defined by one person or one trend. Just like each of us who live in this world, we are all individually special, and therefore our definition of beauty should be a million and one.
This is the philosophy that has been instilled into the blood of the COOSEON brand since its inception, we are a brand in the fashion and beauty industry, and we have always defined the products of the beauty and skincare refrigerator series we have created with this definition of beauty.
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For more skincare knowledge, please check out COOSEON's blog post.

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