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This Is the Right Way to Double Cleanse Skin

This Is the Right Way to Double Cleanse Skin - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

A few days ago, I was surprised to find that some of my partners don't even use makeup remover at night, telling the teacher that "I don't have makeup on my face" I believe that there are many partners like this baby, so I guess there are countless people who have such doubts. So today, on this issue, let COOSEON to talk about the need for secondary cleaning or not.

a girl cleans her face

Firstly, we need to know how many kinds of facial dirt we have?

There are actually two kinds: one is oil-based dirt, and the other is water-based dirt. Oily dirt is mainly made up of: the oil metabolized by the facial pores themselves, in addition to the residue of makeup (usually sunscreen, foundation, eye makeup, lipstick). The watery dirt is mainly: our own metabolic oil in the facial pores.

types of skin dirts
Water-based dirt is mainly: we can use water to directly rinse clean dirt, such as our own sweat, dust, aging of the cells that are the epidermis of the keratin-forming cells from the grassroots outward migration to the skin surface of the stratum corneum, and gradually detach from the epidermis to form dander, that based on two kinds of dirt, in fact, the cleaning process must also be separated.

The skin metabolism of oil and makeup must be used to remove makeup products because makeup removal products it is possible to deep remove the pores in the oil. Cleansing products alone can not do a thorough cleaning. When we are done removing makeup, we have to use cleaning products in the cleaning to remove water-based dirt from the face.
If we do not pay attention to proper cleansing of the face, it will easily cause the skin to have clogged pores, dullness, and lack of luster. The first step in skincare is facial cleansing. The purpose is to allow the skin to obtain the nutrients needed for subsequent maintenance smoothly. So oily skin and acne-prone skin want skin changes, even without makeup. It is recommended to remove makeup every day because of oily skin and acne-prone skin facial oil. So don't be slow to wash your face.

The correct way to use it:

Morning and evening, we use an amino acid moisturizing cleansing serum in the cleaning process. The face needs to be wet. After wetting, we take three pea-sized amounts, take the right amount of water, and beat out a rich foam. You can also use a foaming net to use, foam almost a lemon-size amount, gently massage the face, and do not need to rub very hard. Rinse off with water (warm water is recommended). The time to clean your face is generally controlled at 1 minute to 3 minutes not. The longer you wash, the cleaner it is. Fragile skin should be careful. The cleaning time is limited to about 1 minute. Do not rub the skin very hard. Gently massage on OK.
correct way to clean face
In the evening, we need to use makeup remover products and take our well-stocked vitamin B12 repair makeup remover water from the beauty fridge. The way to remove makeup is to wipe with a cotton pad gently. Generally, a face needs to be wiped clean with 3 cotton pads, soak the cotton pad with makeup remover and gently wipe. Eye mascara can be soaked cotton pad and gently pressed in the eye for 30 seconds, which is more convenient to wipe. At the same time, our lips can also be cleaned in place. Next, use the amino acid moisturizing cleansing serum. This is a perfect makeup removal treatment that is basically complete.

The double cleaning of our face is very important and should not be ignored, especially for oily skin, as the skin is prone to oil, and the cleaning of the face is even more not sloppy.
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