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How To Use The Sandwich Method To Give You A Youthful Glow

How To Use The Sandwich Method To Give You A Youthful Glow - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

No, it's not about a breakfast sandwich. It's a skincare routine.
Who doesn't like a good sandwich? Apparently, so does our skin.

Social media is a crazy place. There's always a trend. Sometimes it's the short wave. Sometimes it's persistent and even becomes a culture.

Sandwich Method

Thanks to social media, the skincare industry has evolved in amazing ways. With new practices popping up every day, it's hard to keep up with all the jargon in the skincare industry. Some are even unique to certain social media platforms. For example, the Moisture Sandwich Method originated on Reddit and spread like wildfire to TikTok and Instagram.

Reddit's original Moisture Sandwich Method refers to a method of applying skin care products for better results. It involves applying a lighter product to your skin, followed by a heavier one.

Reddit users recommend that you wash your face or spray your face with a facial mist, then apply a lighter product (such as serum) while your face is still wet, then apply a heavier product, which could be a moisturizer or petroleum jelly (for dry skin).

However, some modifications have been made to the method. Now there is the sandwich method of retinol. This involves combining your active product (like retinol) between two layers of moisturizer (like using two layers of bread to better protect your tomatoes and other ingredients). You start by wetting your face with a spray or moisturizing water from your beauty fridge, then use your serum, layer it with your moisturizer, then apply your retinol (note: retinol is a very perishable ingredient, so store it properly in your skincare fridge), then apply a layer of moisturizer ...... voila!


The purpose of the sandwich method is to lock moisture into the skin. It also makes scientific sense that you start with lighter products and gradually add heavier ones for better absorption, hydrated skin, and glowing skin.

Does this method apply?

It works for all skin types. Whether it's dry, sensitive, or oily. However, if you have oily skin or your face is prone to acne, it is best to use a lighter moisturizer as a heavier product. Using a jelly or heavy moisturizer as a heavier product can lead to clogged pores and acne. This is bad news. Therefore, a better choice is a lighter moisturizer.

Frequency of use

This method can be practiced safely every day, especially if you have dry skin. You can use this method every time you apply your skin care products. Mainly morning and evening

Benefits of the Moisture Sandwich Method

1. It helps to keep the skin hydrated

2. It helps the skin's complexion

3. It leads to glowing skin

4. It helps the products to absorb into the skin better


You can also use the Moisture Sandwich Method on your lips and body.

For lips: moisten lips, apply moisturizer, then apply lip balm.

For the body: apply to the body immediately after showering, don't dry it out, then apply moisturizing lotion.

Good luck, and feed your skin some juicy, healthy sandwiches.

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