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The Best Partner For Skin Care—Mini Skincare Fridge

The Best Partner For Skin Care—Mini Skincare Fridge - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

Hey beauties, I found an amazing thing, a mini skincare fridge.

First, I want to talk about why I should buy a mini skincare fridge?

The reason was that a bottle of retinol serum I had on my dresser had spoiled due to the heat. I had allergies and rashes on my face when I used it, so I finally had to throw it away. Later, when I thought of the hot summer weather, the best storage temperature for skincare products is 10-14 degrees, and the room temperature has long been exceeded. If the mask is stored in the fridge for a long time, it will not only take up space but also give off an unpleasant smell when taken out. At the same time, the refrigeration temperature of ordinary fridges is too low, and the mask feels too cold when applied, which is not good for the skin. So I bought a mini skincare fridge and came back to try it, and I found that I couldn't put it down.

Then I did my homework seriously and found that the mini skincare fridge has many advantages:

1.Reduce the risk of bacteria growth.

High temperature and humidity can lead to the deterioration of ingredients in skincare products and the growth of bacteria. Keeping the products in the mini skincare fridge can keep them fresh and free from bacteria.

2.Prolongs product's effectiveness.

Some functional skincare products contain a lot of active ingredients, such as A-alcohol, VC, and other antioxidant ingredients, which are not stable and are easy to contact with oxygen to produce chemical reactions, resulting in weakened or even loss of product efficacy. Keeping the products in the mini skincare fridge, can slow down the rate of oxidization, helping them last longer and work better on the skin.

3.Temporarily help calm redness & inflammation.

After the skin is exposed to the sun in summer, put an "ice mask" on the face, which can instantly cool the skin, calm and soothe, shrink the pores and relieve the symptoms of sunburn, helping to reduce inflammation, puffy.

4.Aids with firmer & tighter appearance of the skin.

Put the roller massager in the mini skincare fridge, especially the jade type, such as facial and eye massage sticks, will feel refreshed every time use it.

No wonder I feel that after using the mini skincare fridge, I find my skincare products are more effective and my skin is better.

About brand choice

There is no special suggestion, just buy what you like. When I decided to buy it, I searched the mini skincare fridge brands on the market and finally chose the 4L mini skincare fridge from COOSEON®. It's because the temperature can be from minus 2 degrees to plus 60 degrees, and the size is suitable and it does not take up much space. There is also a mirror with LED lights on the COOSEON Mini Skincare Fridge door for makeup, the price is moderate, and it can also be used as a car fridge, so I decided to start.

Use experience

This mini skincare fridge can quickly cool down, very light, dual-use for car and home, simple and high-quality white, with compartments to make full use of space, and very low noise, it will not affect sleep in the bedroom. After having this mini skincare fridge, my happiness has skyrocketed.

All in all, if you're a skincare lover like me, you might consider storing your skincare products in a mini-fridge.

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