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Is The Mini Skincare Fridge A Fuss?

Is The Mini Skincare Fridge A Fuss? - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

Nowadays, urban ladies seem to be popular to keep skincare products in the mini fridge. Usually, people often ask whether a product should be kept in the fridge, so today we'll harp on the matter of keeping skincare products in the fridge.

You need to keep skincare products in the fridge?

Skincare experts recommend keeping some skincare products in the fridge that contain a lot of active ingredients. "Alongside the feeling of a chilled product on your skin, a product that's been refrigerated will always be that much more effective at de-puffing and boosting the circulation compared to a room temperature one," explains Boland. "Once products get exposed to air, they also get oxidized. Refrigerating slows down the oxidation process and keeps them from becoming inactive."

3 types of skincare products that need to be kept in the fridge.

Skincare products containing active ingredients

Including VC, VA, a variety of plant extracts, including some antioxidants, whitening effect of skincare ingredients, after opening their activity is gradually lost. If the product itself wrapping process is not good, storage conditions are not good enough, it is likely to lead to the rapid oxidation of the product, not used for two months to halve the effect, longer time may even be basically invalid.

The lower the temperature, the slower the speed of chemical reactions, so keep this type of skincare product in the fridge to save is to help slow down the rate of inactivation of various active ingredients, so that skincare products stay fresh for a long time.

The short shelf life of skincare products

In addition to slowing down the rate of inactivation of skincare products, low temperature can also help inhibit bacteria, so that skincare products are less likely to deteriorate.

In particular, some open bottles with short shelf life often contain fewer preservatives, or some do not add preservatives (using polyol preservative systems or other means), but also by keeping skincare products in the fridge to disguise the increase in the shelf life of skincare products (but not that the expiration still continues to use).

The water Ling Ling products

For example, spray, aloe vera cream, mask, etc. are recommended to put in the fridge for the main reason: cool. Especially in summer, after using a very comfortable.

What do I need to pay attention to when keeping skincare products in the fridge?

Although some products can indeed be kept in the fridge, it is recommended that we still think twice:

The distance between the refrigerator and the dressing table

Most people's dressing tables are in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, but the refrigerator is in the kitchen ah! If you take care of your skin twice a day in the morning and evening, you have to hold the bottles and jars between the refrigerator and the dressing table, which runs four times.

Of course, if you buy a separate mini skincare fridge next to the dressing table, it should not have this trouble.

Skincare products and dishes together will be string taste

After all, a refrigerator-freezer is a mixed place (note that the freezer ah, no one should throw the skincare products frozen, right?) This may be the vegetables you just bought, last night's leftover pizza, treasured for many years of the old dry mother ...... when the product string taste can be bad ~.

Of course the same, if you specifically to skincare products to buy a mini skincare fridge, you can solve this problem.

The fridge in the bedroom, the noise is not disturbing?

Before a lot of refrigerators are a small factory manufacturing, manufacturing process and quality control many are not guaranteed, the noise is relatively large.

I previously bought a small refrigerator placed at the end of the bedroom bed, every daydreaming big are refrigerator compressor intermittent buzz buzz buzz buzz ......

Good in recent years there is a semiconductor refrigeration COOSEON ® mini skincare fridge, the entire refrigerator sound only cooling fan, their silent technology to control the sound at a minimum (28 decibels), the noise is not too big, mixed in the summer air conditioning wind sound is not very obvious, you need to buy a refrigerator specifically for skincare friends can pay attention to.


For some people who have skincare needs, keeping skincare products in the fridge is necessary, he can

    Reduce the risk of bacterial growth

    Extend the effectiveness of products

    Freeze skincare products to reduce puffiness

    Temporarily help relieve redness and inflammation

    Protect your products from harsh temperatures

    Helps skin to be firmer and more firm

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