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What is the purpose of the beauty fridge? -- Is it Useful?

What is the purpose of the beauty fridge? -- Is it Useful? - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

Have you heard of the beauty fridge?it is a new way of skincare, a little science of refrigeration of skincare products. If you are interested, take a look below!

What is a beauty fridge?

The beduty fridge is a hot and cold storage box designed for skincare products to store beauty products to avoid spoilage and prolong life.

What is the purpose of the beauty fridge?

1: The beauty fridge can prolong the "activity" and "freshness" (under high temperature and higher temperature, some ingredients will lose their original activity ~ the validity period is greatly shortened).

2: Inhibit the growth of bacteria (continuous low temperature is not conducive to the growth of bacteria).

3: Protect from light (Of course this is a incidental effect ~ products that need to be protected from light can also be placed in a dark place).

Which skin care products are recommended to be refrigerated?

Skin care products with poor stability of active ingredients, intolerance to high temperature, not easy to see light, and easy to oxidize.

If the following ingredients are the main ingredients, they must be refrigerated

VC, including VC derivatives (easy to oxidize)

  • Retinol (easy to oxidize)
  • Kojic acid (not resistant to high temperature)
  • Arbutin (should not see the light)
  • 377 (Instability in light exposure)
  • Glutathione (poor stability)

The essence is so expensive! It matches! ! ! !
Keep all my essences in the refrigerator, regardless of the ingredients.

Calming and soothing mask
I usually put the mask in the refrigerator, repair after sun, soothing mask, can better calm the skin.

Original liquid

Especially the kind of brown, dark bottle.

Natural plant non-preservative

Preservative-free products. Many skin care products do not add preservatives, and it’s best to keep these products refrigerated.

You can put it in summer.

What skincare products are not recommended for refrigeration?

1: Fruit acid, niacinamide, tranexamic acid and other stable ingredients.

2: It is not recommended to store oily lotions and creams in the refrigerator


1: The general beauty refrigerator is adjusted to a constant temperature of 10-15 degrees Celsius, suitable for refrigerated skin care products.

2: After putting it in the refrigerator, don't stay at room temperature for a while, and refrigerate it for a while, so the temperature difference will easily cause the product to deteriorate.

3: Try not to put it together with food, it is easy to breed bacteria

Finally, I shared my beauty fridge of COOSEON, which basically contains more facial masks, essences, and original liquids~!

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