5 Tips for Improving Uneven Skin Texture, According to Dermatologists

5 Tips for Improving Uneven Skin Texture, According to Dermatologists - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

Uneven Skin Texture? Rough, dull, yellow, or even dark skin? How much do you know about your current skin condition? I think a large percentage of people are not sure about this.

Before we can understand how to improve skin texture and tone, we need to understand the primary factors and causes of this series of problems in our skin so that we can pay more attention to them later.

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Factors that contribute to uneven, dull skin tone include

  1. The skin is glycated, forming a yellowish dullness.
  2. Poor blood circulation, poor blood circulation, and yellowish skin tone.
  3. Increased melanin (low function of the epidermis), uneven skin tone.
  4. Texture disorders (low dermal layer function), uneven skin tone.
  5. Intercellular lipid disorders (low stratum corneum function), skin dullness.


The causes of uneven skin tone and dullness are

External causes: UV rays, dryness, physical stimulation (too heavy-handed, towel friction), skin inflammation, and low temperature.


Internal causes: unhealthy dieting and dieting, lack of sleep, stress, unbalanced diet (too many sweets), physical subhealth, fatigue, and smoking.

And experts point out that the way to improve our skin problems is straightforward; in the vast majority of cases, do not spend a lot of money to pay the IQ tax; some of the advertising products out there under the banner of skin whitening there are used is no effect at all, so experts do not recommend that we go haphazardly use whitening products.

So five correct and effective ways without costing us too much money.

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1》Correct skincare is a step that unfolds in a wide variety of content. We have mentioned a lot of knowledge about correct skin care in our previous topics; you can go to COOSEON.COM to learn more about skincare.


2》Good sunscreen. It is essential to do sun protection; many people never do skin sun protection, then their skin will be more likely to premature aging and become dull. The sunlight that hits us regularly contains ultraviolet rays, damaging our skin cells and making them age quickly. So we need to do an excellent job of sun protection daily. Sunscreen products are easily oxidized, so it is best to store them in the beauty fridge.

3》Daily replenishment of the required vitamin C. Vitamin C can provide us with cell renewal metabolism to provide vital energy, but remember that because the body can not store vitamin C, excessive intake of vitamin C will be excreted from the body. The extra vitamin C you take today cannot be saved for tomorrow. So you need to take a sufficient amount of vitamin C every day.


4》Proper massage. Because the massage can promote blood circulation, but pay attention to massage lymph and acupuncture points, lifting the skin gently, do not rub the skin instead of hurting the skin, the loss is not worth it.


5》Diet, sleep, and exercise are the basis of physical and skin health. A good skin care product, but can not resist the damage of staying up all night.

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