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When to Start Using an Eye Cream, According to a Dermatologist

When to Start Using an Eye Cream, According to a Dermatologist - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

Many young women's questions revolve around "I'm 20, should I use an eye cream?" Girls' skin goes through several watersheds, so is 20 the right age to use eye cream? Let me tell you when to use eye cream and what age is best to use eye cream!

girl uses eye cream

 How to determine when you start using eye cream?

 If you are in a dry city or have dry skin, you should start using eye cream in your teens; if your skin condition is good, you can use eye cream after age 25. It is recommended to look at the state of their parents' eye area; if your parents have fine lines or eye area troubles, then you should also prevent yourself in advance if you also have this situation.

 Benefits of using eye creams

benefits of using eye cream

Eye creams can moisturize the skin and eliminate fine lines generated by dryness under the eyes, making people look younger. When fine lines already exist around the eyes or become dry, it can make them worse, and eye creams can play a role in gentle moisturizing, keeping the skin moisturized, and preventing fine lines from arising.

 Women at different ages, the skin condition will be other, the eye problems faced will be various, the choice of eye cream should also be different for most girls, can be divided into the following kinds of situations:

>If you are under 6 years old, you do not need to use eye creams. Because the whole body's cells at this age are still growing and vigorous, it is only necessary to moisturize the eye skin properly.

 >For girls aged 16-25, apart from those with puffiness and dark circles, the primary eye cream needs should also stay on top of moisturizing, and there is no need to use anti-aging products prematurely yet.

 >25 to 30 years old need to strengthen the care and anti-wrinkle. As the years go by, various skin problems will break out during this time; it is recommended to use anti-wrinkle eye creams that can remove wrinkles, firm the skin, lighten existing fine lines and prevent new ones arising. Prevention is better than cure for fine lines and wrinkles. Gel or gel eye creams focus on hydration and moisturizing functions but are not up to the task of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. To slow down the aging process. It is recommended to use nourishing and anti-wrinkle eye creams and eye serums right away.

Some say that eyes are fragile, and it is good to use only eye creams or serums. This is not true. The relationship between eye essence and eye cream is like underwear and outerwear, and if you can't go out wearing only underwear, after using eye essence, you must use eye cream so that the nutrients, in essence, can be locked.

For women of this age, a set with essence and eye cream is a good choice. The texture of the essence is liquid and very liquid, and it is easily absorbed when wiped on the eye area. The eye cream is a transparent cream with a light fragrance, easy to spread, very refreshing, and does not feel heavy. The effect of eliminating dark circles and bags under the eyes is still good. After cleaning the skin, use the eye essence first, massage and absorb it, then apply the eye cream directly to lock in the nutrients in the essence and eye cream.

 >30 to 40 years old need to strengthen anti-wrinkle to resist fine lines. Aging makes wrinkles out of the limelight; this is the right time to choose a nutrient-rich anti-wrinkle eye cream for Anti-wrinkle hydration eye roughness so that the condition of the eyes maintains the desired style. Note: Don't change eye creams from one brand to another in pursuit of quick results, knowing that it takes time for a product to take effect; if the situation allows, it is best to test the skin condition regularly and match a suitable package for your skin.

 >At the age of 40 and 50, it is up to each individual to pursue whether to use top-quality care products or give up the fight with wrinkles. But in general, how to delay menopause is the main thrust of the struggle at this age. If you can delay menopause, you will look much younger than your peers.

 How to use eye cream

how to use eye cream

After understanding the need for eye care at each age, let's talk about how to use eye cream in a piano-playing manner.

Gently pat the eye cream evenly onto the skin around the eyes. Focus on the lower eye area and the extended area from the end of the eye to the temple by applying more. Next, gently press from the lower part of the eye, from the eyelid point towards the end of the eye. Then, from the top of the eye, gently press from the inside out. After that, use the middle finger to press from below the eyebrow. Then, along the eye socket, gently press from the inside out. Finally, with the tip of your middle finger, gently press the points on either side of your nose to promote blood circulation in the eye area.

 Warm tip: eye cream is a relatively expensive skin care product, so it is necessary to save its active ingredients; the use of a special mini beauty fridge can help you; this is a unique instrument used to store skin care products; it is more functional than the ordinary household fridge targeted.

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