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How to determine your skin type, color, and dark tones

How to determine your skin type, color, and dark tones - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

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Today we are going to talk about Skin tones .Skin tone, is an entirely different concept from skin color. Skin tone measures the shade of skin color, such as light, intermediate, dark, etc. A person's skin tone is darker in the summer and lighter in the winter because of light and sun exposure, but the skin tone remains the same. There are three skin tones: cool, warm, and neutral. Once you have determined your skin tone, you will be able to dress better. You can make yourself more attractive by choosing the right lipstick and hair color to suit your skin tone or by matching the right shade of clothes to your skin tone.


  1. Determine your skin tone
clean your face

Cleanse your face, then wait 15 minutes. Make sure no make-up, lotion, or foundation is left on your face. A freshly cleansed face may appear pink from rubbing. Allow 15 minutes for the skin to return to its normal state before proceeding to the next step.

  1. Use natural light sources.
sit at the window

The tone of the skin varies depending on the light source. Lighting may cause a yellowish or greenish tint to the skin, making it difficult to determine its actual skin tone. Looking at skin tone in the sunlight will avoid misjudgments.

Sit by a window.

If there is a lounge area outside, you can sit outside.

  1. Observe the color of the veins inside your wrist.



As long as your veins are visible, you can quickly determine the skin tone by this method. Hold your arm up in natural light and observe the color of the veins.

If it is difficult to determine whether the color of the veins is blue or green, this type of skin tends to be of a neutral tone. People with an olive complexion tend to have a neutral skin tone.

People with greenish veins have a warm skin tone.

People with bluish or purplish blood vessels have a calm skin tone.

  1. Observe the state of your skin after sun exposure. Does your skin tan easily? Do you get sunburned or freckled quickly?
after a sunburn

The amount of melanin in your skin determines both the state of your skin after sun exposure and your skin tone.

If your skin tans quickly but is less prone to sunburn, your skin tone is most likely warm or neutral.

If your skin burns quickly but does not tan easily, you have less melanin, and your skin tone is more likely to be a more relaxed tone.

Some girls with darker skin and a dusky complexion are less prone to sunburn but may still have cooler skin tones. Do more tests to determine your skin tone.

  1. Place a piece of white paper next to your face.

Look in the mirror and carefully observe the difference in tone between your skin and the white paper. Compared to the white paper, your skin may have a yellow tint, a blue-red tint, a rose tint, or a dark grey tint.

If the skin appears yellow or greyish-yellow in contrast to the white paper, it is a warm tone.

It is a calm tone if the skin appears pink, rose, or blue-red in contrast to the white paper.

If the skin appears grey against the white paper, you probably have an olive or neutral skin tone. The reason for the grey skin is that the skin tone is greenish, and the skin tone is yellowish. [10] You can choose a color to match that suits warm or neutral tones, as your skin tone is somewhere in between.

If the color your skin appears in contrast to the white paper is neither yellow, olive, nor pink, then it is a neutral tone. Neutral tones go with a wide range of warm and cool colors and are also suitable for many base colors.

  1. Use gold and silver tinsel or jewelry to determine skin tone.

Place a piece of gold tinsel next to your face and allow its light to reflect onto your face. Observe whether the skin is dull and obscure or radiant. Then switch to silver tinsel and repeat the process.

If the gold foil makes your skin look more beautiful, then you are in warm tones.

If the glow of the silver foil makes your skin glow, you are in a more relaxed tone.

If there is no difference between gold and silver tinsel, and both colors complement your skin, you are probably in neutral tones.

If you don't have gold and silver tinsel, you can also wear gold and silver jewelry on your wrist and observe which complements your skin tone.

  1. Ask a friend to look at the skin behind your ears.
ears skin color

 If the skin behind your ears has acne, rosacea, or other problems that affect your skin tone, ask a friend to look at the skin behind your ears, an area where skin disorders rarely occur.

Ask a friend to look at the folds of skin behind your ear.

If the skin behind your ear is yellow, you have a warm skin tone.

If the skin behind your ear is pink or rosy, then your skin is a calm tone.

If your friend cannot see the tone of your skin, ask them to hold a piece of white paper next to your ear to determine whether it is cool or warm.

  1. Observe the color of your eyes.
eyes skin color

The color of your eyes is usually representative of the tone of your skin. If your eyes are light in color, such as blue or light brown, your skin is most likely to be more relaxed. If the eyes are golden in color, then the skin is usually a warm tone.

For example, people with icy blue eyes tend to have cool skin tones, while people with golden brown eyes tend to have warm skin tones.


These are some of the more common ways of determining our skin tone. We need to know what kind of skin tone we have, especially for girls, so that they can be more aware of their skin condition and make a beauty plan that suits them. In terms of make-up for girls, knowing our skin tone helps us see what lipstick, foundation, blush, eye shadow, and hair color to use and what color to wear with our clothes. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each skin tone, we can take better steps to build on our strengths and avoid our weaknesses to make ourselves look stylish and beautiful.

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