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How to Do an At-Home Steam Facial

How to Do an At-Home Steam Facial - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

Whenever possible, it is recommended to go to a beauty center for a facial. Especially if this is your first time and your skin has large blackheads, very visible pores or you have skin problems. However, it is easy to do a facial steam bath at home and you can incorporate it into your monthly beauty routine. Today, please follow COOSEON to talk about it.

What is a Steam Facial?

Steam facial

Before we get started, we need to have a general understanding of what a steam facial is. Steam Facial is a more advanced method, the basic principle of which is that the humidity stimulates the face, opens the sweat pores, accelerates blood circulation, eliminates dirt, reduces dark spots and wrinkles, and makes the face rosy and delicate, white and smooth, healthy and full. People with dry skin can take this opportunity to replenish moisture and fat, while people with oily skin can eliminate excess oil to become the ideal neutral skin.

The basic steps to do a steam facial and some basic tips are as follows.

steam facial tips
  1. First, clean your face. No matter which maintenance method is used, it will not work well on unclean skin. You can start by cleansing your face with a cleansing cream or vegetable oil from your mini skincare fridge. Apply it, leave it on for a few moments, and then gently wipe off the cleanser with a soft cleansing towel. Then you can start steaming your face.
  1. Boil a pot of water in a kettle and mix in two tablespoons of chamomile tea. Use a large towel to enclose your head with the steam kettle, forming a tube that allows the steam to rise continuously onto your face. For people with dry skin, the steam temperature should not be too high, but it can be longer, usually 10 to 15 minutes. For people with oily skin, the steam temperature should be slightly higher so that the face feels hot. After steaming, gently press a towel against your face to absorb the water droplets. The temperature of the water steam will make the pores on the face open, and the dirt accumulated on the skin will flow out. At this time, you can rub a cold towel on your face a few times to make the pores shrink, and you can also use astringent water to condition the skin.
  1. After steaming your face, it is best to take advantage of the time when the skin is most absorbent for nutrient conditioning and massage. You can apply some nutritional cream taken from mini cosmetic fridge to nourish your skin, and it will be better if you can massage in the direction of blood circulation.
  1. In addition, after steaming your face, if you find small blackhead blisters on your face, you can only squeeze them out. This is because the effect of steam can soften the facial scars. You can use two fingers to squeeze them out with gentle pressure.
  1. Since the steam beauty method has such an amazing effect, is it good to do it every day or several times a day?

This is the same as washing the face, the effect and the number of times is not necessarily proportional, which is determined by the physiological balance of the skin, so generally once a week is enough, excessive steaming of the face, than washing the face with hot water brings more damage to the skin. If the face is too close to the basin, the heat may burn the face, and too far away may have no effect. Generally speaking, oily skin is fumigated once a week; normal skin is fumigated once every 10 days; and dry skin is fumigated once every 15 days.

These are the steps you must follow when taking a facial steam bath at home, as well as some tips you should know about steaming your face. If you wish, you can add essential oils to the boiling water to help moisturize your skin. Finally, sprinkle the rose water on your skin and enjoy a face full of glow and vitality.

What are the benefits of steam facial?

benefits of steam facial
  1. Deep cleaning steam spray fumigation of facial skin can soften the hair follicles and keratinized cells, which is conducive to the removal of dirt and keratinized cells deep in the hair follicles during cleaning and massage, and can more thoroughly remove dirt and cosmetics from the skin, making the skin fresh, smooth and delicate.
  1. It can reduce or eliminate melanin deposition in facial skin, prevent and control facial pigmentation, and make facial skin smooth and white. 3. Skin elasticity will also be enhanced after the skin is fumigated by heat.
  1. Wrinkles are reduced. Efficient hydration can directly and effectively replenish the skin moisture, so that the skin maintains a moist state and has a certain degree of elasticity.
  1. 4. Improve microcirculation The steam ejected can improve the microcirculation of the skin, enhance the supply of nutrients to the skin, nerves and blood vessels, so that the skin remains rosy, lustrous and soft.

It should be noted that when our face is done after the steam treatment, at this time our face pores are in a fully open situation, that is to say, at this time our pores will become large, this time is conducive to the absorption of our skin care products, but at the same time we need to pay attention to the risk of facial infection, pore enlargement can accelerate the absorption of skin care products, but at the same time if the products we use The skin is more susceptible to infection and inflammation, so this time the storage of skin care products is very important, we can use a mini makeup fridge to store our face steam need to use skin care products, it can greatly reduce the risk of contamination of skin care products and the maximum efficiency of locking the active ingredients of skin care products.

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