How to Make Your Skin Look Like You Got a Good Night’s Sleep

How to Make Your Skin Look Like You Got a Good Night’s Sleep - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

How to Make Your Skin Look Like You Got a Good Night’s Sleep

Chasing drama, dancing, working overtime, and unreasonable insomnia are a few of the major reasons for modern youth to stay up late.

Mourning and baldness are the gifts of the night.

The next day full of energy to face life, is a new challenge for them.

So, how to pretend to have a good night's sleep has become a major survival skill of modern people. FOLLOW COOSEON to find answers!

get a good night's sleep


Correct exfoliation

correct exfoliate

Many times, the skin looks dull and lusterless due to the accumulation of old keratin on the surface of the skin, and during the night sleep, the skin will undergo metabolism, and this old keratin will fall off on its own. Of course, these old keratins will not come off naturally if you don't sleep well. So, in the morning, a good exfoliator can help you do what your skin should be doing between sleep but isn't and do it affordably and quickly. However, choose a product that contains gentle physical exfoliating particles rather than chemical exfoliating ingredients (salicylic and lactic acids, etc.) because products containing salicylic and lactic acids used in the morning can potentially leave your skin pigmented from daytime sub UV exposure. Also, some of the ingredients in these exfoliating products are susceptible to environmental degradation, so please store it in the mini cosmetic fridge even after each use.


Cool it off

cool shower

While this sounds like not a big deal, it really works. Jeannette Graf, an assistant professor from the Division of Dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, says, "Taking a cool shower speed up microcirculation in the body and can make facial skin look rosy."

Plus, experiments have proven that a slight drop of a few degrees will make you feel much more awake. (You might want to try using a peppermint oil body wash, as several studies have shown that the peppermint scent can make people more awake and more responsive.)


Moisturize adequately

moisturize softly

Lack of sleep is harmful to the skin's hydrolipidic membrane barrier, making it less able to retain water. According to Ranella Hirsch, associate professor of dermatology at Boston University Medical Center: this lack of water can make your already fine lines more visible, and this, in turn, can make you look more tired. Generally speaking, any moisturizer will help in such a situation. So, after you've been up all night, a well-stocked moisturizer from the mini makeup fridge will help you rejuvenate your face quickly.


Get Moving

What about puffiness? Jump 10 times in deep squats, take 10 deep breaths and repeat the cycle. Leslie Baumann, a leading dermatologist, says, "It may sound a little ridiculous, but it works." Since the blood vessels of the lymphatic system itself are not muscular, the body needs external movement and breathing to induce fluid microcirculation. Yoga is also good for lymphatic circulation because, in yoga exercise, you will focus on the breath.

The problem, however, is that if you sleep in, I'm afraid you won't have much time to do jumping exercises in the morning.


Don't use too much foundation.

don't use too much foundation

When your skin is tired and lifeless, you need to use less foundation, not more. Choose a cream foundation that contains light-refracting particles and apply it with your fingers so that the foundation can blend better with your skin. Use a controlled amount, not too much, so that you can see the original skin tone and so that your tone looks good.


Curl your eyelashes

curl eyelashes

Makeup artists seem to have the same advice on how to make their eyes look brighter. Makeup artist Chrisanne Davis says, "To make your eyes look radiant, curl your eyelashes as close to the base as possible. You only need to press the curler hard once to achieve the best volume and length."


Light up the gray

While countless eye creams claim to solve the problem of dark circles, none of them actually work immediately. Concealer, however, can work to cover dark circles. Choose a creamy concealer in the shade slightly lighter than your skin tone, remembering that it should only be a little lighter than your skin tone; once it's too light, you'll look like a ghost.


Brightening Blush

The nearest word to fatigue is "dryness," and adding some color to the face will improve this feeling. Makeup artist Susan Giordano prefers a cream blush in a light red wine color that, when you gently blush it out, has a natural, sheer effect as if you've gently pinched your cheeks. If you want to look more "awake," it is recommended to put the blush a little higher than the usual blush area, dip your finger in some blush, and hit the highest part of the apple muscle. Remember to use your finger to spread the blush; this will draw people's eyes to the blush area and make the dark circles and bags under the eyes look less obvious.


"Whitening" the eyeballs

No great makeup artist or makeup product can save you if your eyes are covered with red blood. A lack of water usually causes the redness of the eyes, and eye drops can alleviate this problem because they contain ingredients that constrict blood vessels.

The 4 worst sleep habits

We consulted some doctors and summarized a few sleep habits that must be corrected.

1, watching TV before bed.

watching TV before bed

The light of watching TV before bedtime as well as the content of TV can affect sleep.

2, napping during the day.

napping in the day

Phyllis C. Zee, an American doctor who has studied sleep disorders, said, "People's desire for sleep slowly accumulates throughout the day, and this desire needs to be satisfied at night when it is time to sleep, napping or napping will disrupt this rhythm."

3, drink before bed.

drink before bed

Drinking before bedtime can easily make you wake up multiple times in the middle of the night.

4, sleep too much.

Another sleep researcher Mark Hahowold said, "Not everyone needs 8 hours of sleep. The span is huge. Some people only need 4 hours of sleep, while others need 11 hours. Basically, the amount of time you sleep until you wake up naturally (without staying in bed) on the weekend is the amount of sleep you need.

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