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The Best Skincare Tips of All Time, According to Beauty Experts

The Best Skincare Tips of All Time, According to Beauty Experts - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

All the celebrities like to say that the secret to glowing skin is to drink more water, use that random cream, or take that supplement, and some even say that having a good mindset is the most important thing. But not everyone has a photogenic complexion, not all creams work for all skin types, supplements are not a panacea, people still encounter all kinds of mind-breaking things in life, and drinking more water is a super healthy habit. After my exposure to beauty products through my work, and more importantly, my interviews with many dermatologists and skin specialists, I learned from them that it is very effective and worth putting your pointless difference spent on hard-earned advice. Follow COOSEON now to get the best skin care tips.

best skincare tips
  1. Acne will never improve your skin.

acne depression

Stop touching your face. Your hands are mostly covered in bacteria (think of everything you touch). If you touch an already inflamed bump or infection, you will only add debris to the bump and delay its disappearance. In addition, a burst bump can cause damage to your skin or the bump itself, especially if it's a large, swollen cyst with no whitehead, which only gets worse when you try to squeeze it. So if you're still using your hands to treat acne, it's time to change that habit.

  1. More products don't mean better skin. In fact, some products should never be mixed.

do not mix all your skincare products

As a product collector, I have a closet full of masks, lotions, creams, exfoliants, oils, and serums. It's very tempting to use at least one product every day and night because it's right there, and that's what I do. But more products is not a good thing. Too many products can clog pores (especially if the moisturizer is not non-comedogenic). Also, some ingredients don't work together. For example, retinol and other exfoliating ingredients (salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and benzoyl peroxide) should not be used together because the skin can become very dry.

  1. you don't have to spend too much money on skin care products to do well.

Listen, we've all heard about the amazing power of super expensive potions and lotions, but there's no reason you need to spend a week's worth of grocery money to hydrate. Frankly, most of the top dermatologists I've worked with prefer drugstore-bought skin care products.

  1. SPF is key - you can also boost it with a few blended ingredients.

get good spf

If you need a must-have skin care product, it has to be SPF. Sunscreen is the most important step in skin care because it prevents free radical damage that causes skin cancer and the first signs of aging.

  1. Your neck and shoulders should be pampered like your mug.

Just because your neck and shoulder blades - that fancy French term for the delicate areas around your collarbone and above your breasts - doesn't mean they're not technically in your face, but that doesn't mean they're in not. Need the same kind of care.

  1. Keep most of your skincare routine until bedtime.

A few years ago, I asked a beauty editor and colleague who had the smoothest skin. She was late every morning, so I assumed she had an extensive skincare routine in the morning. But in reality, she was rushing in after oversleeping. She admitted to having a long-term skin care regimen at night. Before bed, she diligently does two cleanses, exfoliates, toner or mask, and a targeted serum and night cream. But what about in the morning? She splashes water on her face and uses a light moisturizer. For years, I haven't forgotten this tip. Doctors believe that skin repairs itself overnight, so it's best to use creams like retinol and heavy moisturizers at night.

  1. When it comes to texture, layer your skin care products from thinnest to thickest.

Think of your skin as a sponge that wants to absorb all the good stuff you use. Therefore, it's important to first use the thinnest, water-like products, like an essence or serum, and then heavier moisturizers and oils, which help seal everything in. Oils, in particular, are occlusive and create a barrier between the skin and the air - anything used on top of them is essentially futile.

  1. Give your skin a rosy glow with a few techniques.

Facial massage isn't just for the self-care books. It is a quick way to get a gorgeous, natural rosy glow. Personally speaking, I like to use a jade roller to improve circulation (I'm a huge fan of crystals). You can also use your fingertips. Make sure you use a serum that has some slip so that it glides gently over the skin without creating too much friction.

  1. When it's warmer outside, keep all your skincare products in the beauty fridge.

cooseon beauty fridge

I do this with my eye cream all year round because I believe the cooler temperatures help eliminate puffiness while also allowing me to wake up quickly cooled. (Think of all those eye creams with the metal ball roller heads - that's why they exist!) . When the weather gets hot, I start keeping everything in my skincare fridge. For example, nail polish, if kept cool, will not thicken as quickly and thus become less spreadable. Face masks are more relaxing when they're chilled. My favorite gel creams don't evaporate in my sweltering apartment. It is very refreshing in the summer to pull a fresh bottle of mint body lotion out of the mini makeup fridge freezer, especially after a strenuous workout.

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