Everything You Need to Know About High Frequency Therapy Wand

Everything You Need to Know About High Frequency Therapy Wand - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

HF is one of the best and most underrated skin care tools out there, and COOSEON Editor has been using it for 13 years because it helps my acne blemishes disappear quickly! But it has other benefits too. But it has other benefits too. In this article, I will mainly answer the most common questions about HF.

hf therapy facial

How often can you use HF?

You can use it every day, but you don't have to. I mainly use mine when I feel a pimple coming on, or I have one that I want to get rid of quickly. If you want to use it for anti-ageing, you need to use it daily. You can actually use it in the morning or at night, or both. If you use it regularly, you may feel dry, so make sure you use a moisturiser.

How long do you use the HF for each session?

Fifteen seconds per area with the HF device or up to 5 minutes per face per session should be enough. It really doesn't take that long - I can treat my whole face in about 2 minutes.

What does HF feel like, and what level should I use?

High frequency feels a bit like electrocution - if you've ever licked a battery, it's similar to that but more lively.

Use whatever level feels comfortable. There's no need to turn it on fully - you want to feel electric, but it doesn't need to hurt to work.

The tips used to treat specific acne spots are usually the most fun, so I keep it fairly low.

How to connect the HF wand?

  • Hold your beauty wand handle in your hand.
  • Please pick up the wand you want to use and insert it straight into the machine.
  • Don't push hard. Make sure it is straight and not at the smallest angle, as these are glass, and if bent hard, they may break.  
  • Push it all the way in, not too hard - you will feel it stop
  • Then turn the device on.

Which HF device should I buy?

There are 2 main types of gas in HF rods - Argan and Neon. This is where the glow comes from.

COOSEON HF therapy wand

Take the new 6-in-1 HF electronic beauty wand that cooseon has on the shelves as an example. It comes in blue, orange and violet. The different coloured beams end up having different effects on the skin.

  • Blue light helps to improve the skin tone and brighten the skin so that our skin can glow.


  • The violet light is suitable for acne, oily skin and ingrown hairs.
hf violet light
  • The orange light is used to build collagen and help eliminate wrinkles.
 hf orange light

These are all things that the new cooseon 6-in-1 high-frequency electronic beauty wand set can do to amaze the skin with what it can do.

That's the way things are. They all work.

Should you use an HF wand on top of your skincare products?

You can, but it's not essential. There is an argument that using it on top of your skincare will help it absorb better, but that's not the case.

cooseon will gain some technical knowledge here, but this will explain why.

The high frequency uses oscillating currents and at such a high rate that the device has no polarity, so it is not negative or positive, which means it does not cause the chemical reaction needed to "help the product penetrate more deeply". That's why if you use it with a product, it doesn't make a difference.

What does HF smell like?

When the device is working, you will smell a very distinctive metallic smell - this is called ozone. This means that the unit is working because the air around the tube is being oxidised.

What does high-frequency sound like?

High-frequency machines make an electronic humming sound. The higher you tune it, the louder it gets. This is normal! If you are using it on a client or friend, I recommend that you show them how it sounds and feels before applying it directly to their skin.

Do you need to ground the HF wand before applying it to the skin?

Grounding is when you turn the device on and place your finger on the wand. Then apply to the skin and lift your finger off the glass. This is good for you, or your customers are timid because it will slowly make them feel the sensation, but I struggle to understand the other reasons they say grounding is necessary.

Reason number one is that applying it directly to the skin can lead to over-pigmentation, especially if you don't use gauze. I am prone to hyperpigmentation of my skin, and after years of no grounding or gauze use, I can honestly say it has had no effect on me.

Reason 2 is that you can use a wand to ignite a spark.

Triggering an HF device is when you place the device close to the bumps but not directly on them to create an arc that goes deeper into that direct point. You perform this by pulling the device away from the skin for 2 seconds - you will feel the electric shock increase and then put it back on. You can click, which is what I like, or just take it away. This is very effective for treating acne spots quickly and definitely works.

But if you ground your device, you're never going to get that arc, so I think people contradict themselves when they say that.

Does HF remove dark spots or hyperpigmentation after inflammation? 

No, I've never noticed it helping with my dark spots, but if you treat acne spots before it causes scarring, it can prevent them from happening.

Does high-frequency shrink pores?

Nothing will make your pores smaller - they don't shrink; they get bigger with age, but you can make them look smaller by keeping them away from the sticky stuff!

Exercising regularly and adding retinol to your daily routine will help improve the size of your pores.

Retinol is a skincare game-changer and can also help with acne and wrinkles!

What should I do after HF?

Your complete routine - unless you are very sensitive, you don't need to use specific or gentle products. Listen to your skin.

Can you use Botox or fillers with HF?

use hf after a botox

Yes. I have Botox and fillers and have never had any problems with moving them around or making the results disappear more quickly.

Cooseon recommends waiting at least 48 hours after fillers and at least 72 hours after botulinum toxin before using the device.

Ok, these are the most common questions I get about HF. If you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments section below, and I'll answer them for you!

I hope this helps to solve your common questions about HF! If you have others, please leave them in the comments.

I would also recommend buying this travel case for it, as the electrodes are glass, and you definitely want to protect it.

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