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The Best Skin Secret? Try Putting Ice on Your Face (Yes, Really)

The Best Skin Secret? Try Putting Ice on Your Face (Yes, Really) - 1st Mini Skincare Fridges With LED Mirror | COOSEON®

In the pursuit of beauty, I believe many beauty lovers can be said to be doing everything they can. Expensive skincare products, high-risk medical aesthetics, and anything that can keep a pretty face will be tried regardless. Recently, some people have even developed a way to apply ice to their faces. Is ice on the look good? If so, what are the benefits of using ice on the face? What is the correct way to apply ice to your face? Here, listen to what I have to say.

ice cube on face

First, ice is good for the skin, but these benefits are all benefits of ice after the skin has been traumatized.

ice cube is good to our skin
  1. Under normal circumstances, ice on the face can not only make a face feel cool and slightly accelerate the blood circulation of the face but also can slightly promote the contraction of facial pores.
  1. Ice on the face can reduce the redness and swelling of traumatized skin. After a traumatic injury to the face's skin tissue, ice on the injured part of the face can effectively reduce the pain and relieve the exudation of tissue fluid and swelling around the injured area.
  1. Ice on the face can soothe the redness and burning of the skin caused by the sun. In summer, if you go out without proper sun protection and your face gets red and hot from the sun, you can use ice on your face to relieve the redness and hotness of your skin and then apply skin care products to repair it.
  1. It reduces some post-operative symptoms, such as tissue fluid exudation and swelling at the wound site.

So, what is the correct way to apply ice cubes to the face?

right ways to use ice cube

For more giant ice cubes, it is advisable to crush the ice cubes first, put them into a clean plastic bag or plastic bag, then lay a gauze or towel over the area to be iced, or directly wrap the plastic bag or plastic bag with ice cubes with gauze or towel, and then go to apply ice to the face. This will prevent the ice from being too cold and irritating our skin.

Although ice packs can relieve some common skin discomforts, there are some precautions to remember.

      1. It is recommended to use ice cubes frozen from a beauty fridge to minimize the number of bacteria in the ice cubes so that we can avoid the risk of skin infections caused by the use of ice.

  1. Do not use ice directly on the face to avoid poorly controlled time frostbite.

      3. If your skin is too sensitive to heat or cold, it is best not to use ice on your face to avoid exposed skin.

  1. Ice should not be applied to the face for too long. Too long can easily lead to excessive pore contraction, resulting in skin dehydration.
  1. Make sure to cleanse your skin deeply before using ice cubes on your face to avoid the pores contracting and hiding the dirt on your face, which can be difficult to clean later.


Finally, I think there is nothing wrong with the love of beauty. After all, we all have it. However, in skin care, to use scientific and reasonable methods so as not to cause unpredictable damage to the skin or regret is too late. Some people's skin is too sensitive; the skin cuticle is too thin, and so on; you need to be careful with ice. Therefore, you all should consider it carefully.

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